Tim Shieff stripped Off In This Breathtaking Naked Free Runner Photo Series

This breathtaking photos series titled “Man & Mortar” is the result of collaboration between World Freerun Championship winner Tim Shieff and parkour athlete and Photographer Jason Paul. Tim Shieff stripped off and can be seen jumping and running through London's most stunning architectures.

 These naked free runner photos were inspired by the poses of ancient statues and monuments found within the architecture of Modern Greek cities.

''Lots of the London architecture we shot against has a square, rigid and linear feel to it, contrasting starkly with the curves of the athletic, natural human form," Jason said.
Birthday Suit Commute

Man & Mortar, naked free runner across London


naked free runner photos

King's Cross Dash

naked free runner


Tim Shieff  stripped off

Human Flag

Jason Paul, Tim Shieff


breathtaking photos series


London's most stunning architectures

Man & Mortar

naked free runner across London
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