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Beth Moon Spends 14 Years to Photograph Oldest Living Trees On Earth

San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon has spent 14 years of her life exploring and documenting some of the oldest, largest and rarest living trees in the world. She has traveled almost every continent to find and capture the most stunning trees located on protected land, mountains and remote locations. Moon’s 60 finest prints were recently published in a book titled “Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time”. For your inspiration below we are going to showcase you some of the most majestic photos of trees from her book. Check out!

20 Adorable Dogs Wearing Your Favorite Star Wars Costumes

To me, there is nothing cuter than a pet in adorable costumes. People really love dressing up their dogs, cats and even bunnies in their favorite 'Star Wars' characters. You will really enjoy our today’s collection of adorable dogs if you are a fan of Star Wars or dogs. From a beautiful picture of dog that dressed like Yoda to other cute puppy dressed up like Chewbacca, Darth Vader and many others. So check out these cute photos of 20 dogs dressed up in iconic characters from "Star Wars” and vote for your favorite in the comments below! 1. This extremely accurate Chewbacca 2. Wampa pug 3. This Yoda  4. Darth Vader

Photographer Spends 20 Years Documenting People Who Dress Exactly The Same

Street photographer and conceptual artist Hans Eijkelboom has spent 20 years lurking around shopping malls in Shanghai, New York and Paris for his fascinating book titled “People of the Twenty-First Century.” The book, published by PHAIDON is the most comprehensive work of Dutch photographer and includes 6,000 photographs featuring everyday people, what they wear and their similarities in the appearance, in short I would like to say a brilliant picture of mankind.

New Strikingly Intricate Cut Paper Illustrations by Maude White

U.S.-based artist Maude White ( previously ) continue to amaze us with her strikingly intricate cut paper art. Since then she has created several new and absolutely stunning illustrations of people, birds, and leaves and different other objects depicting hidden scenes and stories. Explaining her artwork Maude White said, “I have great respect for paper. When I cut, the thin membranous material reveals its strength to me.” “Paper is everywhere and it has been telling stories for centuries. “ White is going to exhibit her artwork at the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative as part of a show titled, 'Birds I've Been'.

The 10 Most Breathtaking Weddings Held In 2014

In anyone’s life wedding is a moment of pure love, passion, joy and promise. And with some unique and creative wedding photography ideas you can make this moment more special, memorable and priceless. From last few years wedding trends have been changed dramatically and we have seen some unique and truly breathtaking wedding photos and ideas from around the world. Every year wedding expert, stylist, brides and even grooms try their best to find out creative ideas in order to make their wedding more unique and outstanding from others. Below we have put together a collection of top 10 most breathtaking wedding held in 2014. Check out and don’t forget to share the one you like the most in comment section.  1. Alaskan Glacial Pool 2. Iceland 3. Tornado in Saskatchewan, Canada

20 Strange And Beautiful Ice Formations To Inspire You

Playing with ice is always enjoyable but it can also be damaging or deadly when it's cold enough. Sometimes winter season can last for months that resulted in freezing cold or wet weather.  Cold weather also provides you the chance to see the winter’s miracles in form of incredibly beautiful ice formations. Ice formation is a subject of many different variables and when there is cold enough to turn water from liquid to solid many odd things can happen. For your inspiration below we've put together a collection of some of the strange and beautiful ice formations that look like arts. Check out and let us know about your favorite snow formation in the comments. After Freezing Rain In China Frozen Lighthouses On Lake Michigan Shore

20 Incredible Places in United States You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Previously, we published the post, ‘The Beauty of America: 50 States in 50 Photos ‘receiving lot of appreciation from our viewers. Our today's compilation is also about the beauty of United States but this time we've some latest and most interesting collection of photographs featuring some incredible places in USA to visit before you die. With population around 315 million people and land area of 3.8 million square miles, the United States is a massive country in both geography and climate. I would like to say that United States is home to world’s most beautiful natural wonders, breathtaking deserts, spectacular mountain ranges, beautiful forests and awe-inspiring waterfalls. Keeping this in mind, here is our pick of 20 most famous and incredible places in United States you won’t believe are real! 1. Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming 2. Fly Geyser, Nevada 3. Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

British Photographer Transforms His Dog Into Different Animals Every Year for Christmas

‘Christmas Dogs’ is a stunning project started 20 years ago by intelligent British photographer Peter Thorpe as a special treat for his clients. He decided to transform his dog Raggle into different animals every year for his annual holiday Christmas cards. Unlike other photographers Peter uses real props and sets rather using any digital photo editing software like Photoshop. After completing these beautiful Christmas holiday cards, Peter sends them to his clients, family members and friends. Let us check out some of his amazing creations!

35 Most Striking Photographs Taken In 2014

With a new year just around the corner, probably it’s the best time to look back at the year's most dramatic and astonishing moments that you may have missed in 2014. So for your inspiration today we have complied breathtaking series of photographs featuring some of the most amazing, wonderful, bizarre and striking events around the world. Our today’s round up also includes thought-provoking news stories that have inspired us and shocked us in 2014. Let us check out 35 most incredible and striking photographs taken in 2014, don’t forget to vote for your favorite one in the comments below. 1.) Jen Bricker poses on Santa Monica beach on September 25 in Los Angeles, California. Jen, 27, was adopted at birth after being born with no legs due to a genetic birth defect. 2.) A front view of Shockwave getting ready to launch down a track in Ontario, Canada.   3.) Eight-year-old Kaleem shows his abnormally large hands in his hometown in East India 4.) Giant a

Coworkers Uses Stuff Around Their Office To Recreate Famous Works of Art

Employees and Coworkers at Squarespace, Francesco Fragomeni and Chris Limbrick have found the most creative way to break their office routine and boredom. The duo decided to spend their extra time recreating famous work of art with the only stuff found around their workplace for ongoing fun project titled "Fools Do Art". Some other coworkers at Squarespace have also joined this amusing project and receiving idea submission from all over the world.  Fragomeni and Limbrick have few rules in mind, only use objects found within the office and use their smart phones to done any type of editing. The Girl with the Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer, 1665 Lady and the Unicorn: Sight,” c. 1500 Blonde Beauty” by Walt Otto, circa 1950′s Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, 1503-1506 The Son of Man” by Rene Magritte, 1964

20 Strange Hotel Rooms You’ll Want to Spend A Night

Most of us like to stay in a hotel with a contemporary design and luxury brand. But there is no lack of thrill and adventure seekers who prefer rather unusual , unique and strange hotel rooms that may offer them a unique living experience. So for those who are actually seeking for adventure below we have a list of some of the most amazing, unusual and unique hotel rooms you’ll want to spend a night! 1. Cocoa Island in The Maldives Islands 2. Hotel de Glace, Canada 3. Tree House Hotel, Sweden

Rebecca Szeto Transforms Everyday Paintbrushes Into Awe-inspiring Portraits

Rebecca Szeto, a San Francisco-based artist creates awe-inspiring miniature portraits out of used paintbrushes. Szeto uses the handle of everyday paintbrush and carves them into human form, she then paints gorgeous and colorful faces she calls, “paintbrush portrait.” “These works play with notions of re-forming beauty and value. “I use humble, end-of-life, mass-produced materials inspired by my experience as a faux finisher,” Szeto said.