Chris Maynard Creates Beautiful Work of Art Out of Individual Feathers

Chris Maynard, a Washington-based artist uses individual feathers and scalpel as his tool to create this amazing work of art. Maynard acquires feathers from private aviaries and zoos and then he uses his primary tools like scalpels, eye surgery scissors, forceps and magnifiers to cut and create beautiful images of large flocks of birds.

While carving these stunning pieces of art Chris Maynard greatly emphasizes on the feather’s beauty, original colors and their natural three-dimensional shapes. Check out!

Chris Maynard cut feather art5

Chris Maynard cut feather art-5

Chris Maynard cut feather art-1

Chris Maynard cut feather art-3

Chris Maynard cut feather art-4

art sculpture, feather art

art of cutting feather

Cut feather art

Chris Maynard cut feather art
   via: Chris Maynard

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