20 Adorable Dogs Wearing Your Favorite Star Wars Costumes

To me, there is nothing cuter than a pet in adorable costumes. People really love dressing up their dogs, cats and even bunnies in their favorite 'Star Wars' characters. You will really enjoy our today’s collection of adorable dogs if you are a fan of Star Wars or dogs.

From a beautiful picture of dog that dressed like Yoda to other cute puppy dressed up like Chewbacca, Darth Vader and many others. So check out these cute photos of 20 dogs dressed up in iconic characters from "Star Wars” and vote for your favorite in the comments below!

1. This extremely accurate Chewbacca


2. Wampa pug


3. This Yoda 

yoda star wars pet costume

4. Darth Vader

darth vader

5. Intimidating Jedi Knight

Jedi Knight

6. And This very important Wicket

star wars pet costume-1

7. This shih tzu who was adopted from the forest moon of Endor

star wars pet costume-2

8. AT-AT Dog


9. This fierce Jedi Knight hanging with his buds

star wars pet costume-3

10. Yoda who uses his Jedi power to change 
the channel to Animal Planet

star wars pet costume-5

11. This princess

star wars pet costume-7

12. This Jedi who is using the Force to get 
as many treats as possible

star wars pet costume-Jedi

13. Banthapug


14. This R2 unit

star wars pet costume-4

15. A super smiley Wookiee

star wars pet costume-6

16. Wampa

star wars pet costume-Wampa

17. This young Padawan

star wars pet costume-9

18. This extra fuzzy Ewok who is guarding the forest on Endor

star wars pet costume-8

19. This Vader who will snort at you until you 
hand over all of your snackies

star wars pet costume-darth vader

20. Finally This Obi-Wan KenCorgi

star wars pet costume

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