Time Lapse Video Showing 100 Years Of Makeup And Hairstyling In One Minute

Makeup and hair styling trends have been changed so dramatically in the past few years. Fashion industry constantly changing and everyday new style and trend evolve rapidly and go away just as quickly as shown in this brilliant time lapse video.

In a recent video by the folks at Cut Video, a model goes through 100 years’ worth of makeup and hair styling trends in just one minute. The women in this video not only travels through various beauty styles from 1910 to 2010 as well as she try her best to pose the same way as the models of those era. Check out!

makeup and hair styling time lapse video

100 years of makeup and hair styling

100 years of makeup in one minute

makeup and hair styling

makeup transformation

100 Years Of Makeup And Hairstyling In One Minute


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