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Three Brothers Recreate Their Bizarre Childhood Snaps As A Gift For Their Mom

As a Christmas presentation for their mom, these three brothers recreate their cute and sometimes funny childhood photos to just put a smile on the face of their mother. By taking little help from their dad and even 95-year-old grandmother, the MacMillan brothers, led by the eldest, Matt, recreate their childhood memories. After pulling off the snaps, they compiled the photos into a calendar to present their mother as a Christmas gift and it is probably the best self-made calendar a mother could ever wish. Take a look!

Artist Creates Creepy Ceramics Incorporated With Realistic Mouths and Fingers

Israeli artist Ronit Baranga is well known for her strange, unique and bizarre sculptures. Baranga’s creation seems to be so realistic that you just can’t take your eyes off for a while. Her recent work features creepy tea cups, classic plates, bowls and other tableware with incredibly realistic open mouths and grasping fingers and protruding tongues. “I would like that anyone who sees my work feels something – what they feel is not relevant to me, as long as they feel. I hope that the emerging feelings will cause the viewers to think about the ideas behind my work, “ Baranga told.

Photographer Creates Magical Fairytale Scenes With Animals

Like Katerina Plotnikova , Darya Kondratyeva and Elena del Palacio , Anita Anti is another intelligent photographer to be greatly inspired by the fairytales. Anita Anti is a Ukrainian photographer living and working in New York. She has taken some magical shots of beautiful women with wild animals that looks like a scene from fairytale movie. Some of these stunning portraits seem to be based on certain stories while the other creating a dream-like fairy tale setting that will take you to the scariest world of imagination.

20 Most Striking Examples of Ice And Snow Sculptures

Winter is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking season which provides us the chance to see some fascinating winter scenes especially when everything is covered by snow. Ice and snow can sometimes be damaging but it can also provide the tools and inspiration to adventurers and creative to express themselves through snow art! For your inspiration here are 20 most striking examples of Ice and snow sculptures. Some of these snow art pieces were made by professionals and few of them are just made by amateurs but these beautiful sculptures have actually taken the snow creation to a whole new extreme.

Nature-Inspired Surreal Portraits by Elena del Palacio

Madrid-based self-taught photographer and artist Elena del Palacio creates nature inspired surreal portraits that explore a stunning relation between humans and their environment.  Her dream-like photographs feature beautiful young women who most often be seen surrounded by the beauty of nature. Del Palacio also uses digital editing software like Photoshop to make her creation more striking and closely related to nature and its soundings.

30 Ninja Cats That Have Mastered The Art Of Hide And Seek

We all know that cats are popular for their stealth and ninja attack skills and these felines in the pictures below have mastered the art of hide and seek. Cats always love to be wedged into any tight space and their ability to hide in unexpected places and scratch people is just amazing. We've looked through the web and find out few real world ninja cats that will remind you the famous Japanese martial art of ninjutsu.

Striking Portraits Showing the Goofy Sides of Famous Celebrities

When we think of “A-List” celebrities the most common picture that comes to our mind is people with gorgeous face and striking personality. But London-based photographer Andy Gotts has totally changed this perception in his playful celebrity portraits that showing rather natural and spontaneous poses of famous Hollywood actors and singers. You will see celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Sir Patrick Stewart, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Gwyneth Paltrow making goofy faces, hilarious poses and laughing seemingly natural way. Take a look! Scarlett Johansson Orlando Bloom Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Helena Bonham Carter Kate Winslet

20 Most Beautiful Winter Wonderlands Photos Around The World

With the arrival of winter our thoughts turn to the beauty of snow and ice. We are in the middle of winter and it is actually the best time to look at some of the most beautiful winter wonderlands around the world. Winter photography is one of the most favorite subjects of photography and photographer travels around the globe in search of perfect winter landscape to capture the real magic of winter season. So, without further ado, here is our collection of some of the most inspiring and breathtaking photos of winter wonderlands that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have.

Photographer Captures Rare Photos of Flipped Iceberg in Antarctica

While on a vacation to Antarctica last month, photographer and filmmaker Alex Cornell came across a massive iceberg floating over the water. Such an incredibly large white objects can only be seen in movies or pictures and what Mr Cornell able to capture on his visit to Antarctica is actually rare phenomenon.   Scientist says, Almost 90 per cent of any iceberg is below the surface, making iceberg flips an extremely rare. Take a look on some of the most breathtaking scenes of the iceberg and its surroundings in the photos below:      Alex Cornell

The Pole House in In Australia Seems To Float Above The Ocean

Australia is almost always topping the list if you're looking for the most epic things in the world. The Pole House in Fairhaven, Australia may not be your dream beach house, but it actually offers the most breathtaking view of Fairhaven Beach and the Great Ocean Road below.   Designed by F2 Architecture this spectacular oceanfront pad is built on a pole that lifts it 40m above the slope below it. The most striking thing about this extreme rental house in Australia is its 76-foot-long walkway built with tall glass barriers that make you feel like you're walking on the air as you enter the house. For those you looking for an exclusive luxury holiday the building can be rented for $440 - $1,120 per night.

Hyper Realistic Storm Paintings By Joel Rea

In his new series of hyper realistic storm paintings, artist Joel Rea takes us to a totally epic adventure. Rea uses oil on canvas to create richly colored scenes that when combined with his attention to detail and great composition, gives the paintings an awe-inspiring larger-than-life feel.  In his recent collection of painting you will see a man and a tiger going one-on-one on a seemingly endless beach. The other one showing a man holding a piece of paper and briefcase in his hands while a giant wave is just about to swallow him whole.      Joel Rea