20 Most Beautiful And Amazing Cinemas Around The World

It is a tradition among us to go to cinema houses for watching live shows and movies. The Berlin Wintergarten Theater was the first ever movie theater which was opened in 1895. At that time people attended live shows with their favorite actors before the screen.

 In the modern era we've option whether to see a live performance or a filmed flick. Mostly people go to regular cinema houses with pop-corns in their hands and sit in the chairs of any row having cup holders and arm rest. But now trends have been changed, here are some cinemas from all over the world that revive many things and will totally change your experience of watching a movie.

1. Floating Archipelago Cinema, Yao Noi, Thailand

2. Hot Tube Cinema, London

Hot Tub Cinema

cinemas around the world

3. Olympia Music Hall, France

Olympia Music Hall

4. Cinegold Plex Cinema, Bahria Town, Pakistan)

Cinegold Plex Cinema

Cinegold Plex Cinema Pakistan

5. Cineteca Matadero , Spain

breathtaking movie theaters

movie theaters

6. Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

beautiful theaters

beautiful theaters-1

7. Tuschinski, Amsterdam, Netherlands)


8. Pula Film Festival, Pula, Croatia

Pula Film Festival

9. Riverbad Cinema For Dokufest In Prizren, Kosovo

Riverbad Cinema

10. Urania National Film Theatre, Budapest, Hungary

Urania National Film Theatre

11. Filmnachte Am Elbufer, Dresden, Germany

Filmnachte Am Elbufer

12. Le Grand Rex, Paris, France

Le Grand Rex

13. St. George Openair Cinema, Sydney, Australia

St. George Openair Cinema

14. Winter Garden Theatre, Toronto

Winter Garden Theatre-1

Winter Garden Theatre

15. Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater, Disney Hollywood Studios, USA

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater

16. Infoversum Theatre

breathtaking movie theaters-1

 17. Kurshumli An In Skopje, Macedonia - Creative Documentary Film Festival Makedox

beautiful cinemas around the world

18. The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing, China

The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing, China

The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing, China

19. Transatlantyk Festival, Poznań, Poland

Transatlantyk Festival, Poznań, Poland

Transatlantyk Festival, Poznań, Poland

20. Anibar Lake Cinema, peja, Kosovo

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