Artist Turns Bananas Into Striking Work Of Art

Rotterdam, Netherlands based creative artist Stephan Brusche loves to produce imaginative and delightful work of art entirely out of bananas.  Brusche is not the only artist who likes to play with fruits, as we have already seen such type of artwork from several other artists too.  But Brusche has a unique ability to turn bananas into really striking work of art that is seemingly impossible to create from a limited and narrow field like banana art. Take a look!

banana art stephan brusche

fruit carving

fruit paintings

edible fruit art

banana art

banana art stephan brusche-2

banana art stephan brusche-1

banana art projects

fruit art

banana art stephan brusche-3

banana art-2

banana art-1

striking work of art

Stephan Brusche

banana art stephan brusche-4

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