Mind Blowing Realistic Body Art by Danny Quirk

Danny Quirk, a Pratt Institute graduate and graphic artist create mind-blowing realistic anatomical illustrations that will show you what’s actually under your skin is. This ongoing series of body art by Danny Quirk serve both educational purpose and also to be displayed as art. The artist has found a creative way to use acrylic paint, liquid latex and Sharpie markers to expose inner working of human anatomy in the most striking way.
According to Quirk, "it seems there is a skewed connotation with the perception of anatomy in art. ‘For whatever reason, people tend to view it as 'morbid' or 'creepy.' Part of the goal of these pieces is to combat this ignorance, and educate individuals as to the beauty that lies beneath.
danny quirk body art

body art

female body art

danny quirk body art-5

danny quirk body art-3

mind blowing body art

danny quirk body art-1

danny quirk body art-4

female body painting
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