Meet Darius: The World’s Biggest Rabbit But Challenged By His Own Son

Meet Darius, the world’s biggest living rabbit with the height of 4ft 4in (1.3m) and 22.2kg. But his heavyweight title of largest rabbit might be challenged by a new contender — his own giant son Jeff. Jeff is already measures 3ft 8in and has about 6 months of growing left.

Darius and his son belong to the family of Continental Giant rabbits which are famous for meat production. But now this breed is known as an intelligent and loving house pet. Annette Edwards is the owner of these two heavy weight rabbits and spends £5,000 yearly on their feeding. Check out some photographs of world’s biggest bunny.

worlds biggest rabbit darius jeff-

worlds biggest rabbit darius jeff

largest bunny

largest rabbit in the world

worlds biggest rabbit darius jeff-2

worlds biggest rabbit darius jeff-4

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