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20 Best Photoshop Photo Manipulation Ideas and Tutorials

Photo manipulation is probably one of the most popular and creative artwork that has completely transformed the world of digital art. Using Photoshop you can do lots of creative, unique and emotional manipulation that will make you look twice to understand. By using these photo manipulation technique the images are presented with some amazing creativity and photography skills that at first look your mind won't believe what your eyes are looking at. However Photo Manipulation art usually requires extremely creative graphic and design skills to become a master in such beautiful art. Great designers always discover new ways to show their creativity to express themselves. Here are 20 brilliant Photoshop photo manipulations tutorials and ideas from highly talented Photoshop artists. Hopefully you will enjoy! Photoshop Photo Manipulation (Girl on Plane) by Arunz Creation Photo Manipulation by Rory MacLeod Dreamy, Emotional Photo Manipulation by Tutsplus 3D Manip

Beautiful Electrifying Lightning Images

The atmospheric discharge of static electricity is termed as Lightning. Lightning photography is a beautiful adventure provided by the Nature. It is a devastating natural phenomenon accompanied by a thunderstorm. There are very rare chances of capturing this wonders of nature, because it is not as easy as you go to a photo studio and take some shot. However if you are able to take some spectacular and unique picture or photos of electrifying lightning than the happiness you will receive can’t be describe in words. Here is a collection of some splendid Electrifying Lightning images, hopefully you will enjoy.