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10 Most Unique Shapes for Mobile Phones

In today’s world it is impossible to think a person without a mobile phone. Mobile phone industry has become the most rapidly growing business worldwide. Significant improvements have been made so far in this industry. Now we have so many varieties of cell phones, just like smart phones let you connect to social media, GPS, and video conferencing etc. Here is the list of some Unique and Unusual Shapes of Mobile Phones with more fun and functionality. 1. The Eye Mobile Phone-A The Eye phone is an innovative, slim and ultra-lightweight Mobile Phone concept that features a see thru LCD touch screen with various amazing functionalities. It allows the user to take a picture in real view, and can show you how a cloth will suit on you even without wearing it. It also offers ultimate 3D gaming experience. 2. Wearable Mobile Phone by Sunman Kwon A new wearable device with the easier and lighter concept, which can turn your hand into mobile phone. It is a finger touching

High Resolution HD Wallpapers

HD Desktop wallpapers are treated as one of the key elements for computer users now a days. Desktop wallpapers could help you to show your sense of style and give other people clear and deep perception into your personality. Having inspiring picture on Your desktop always help. A new wallpaper has the ability to freshen up your daily outlook and does have the power to give a good dose of inspiration when needed. Your choice of wallpaper picture may say much more about you and your sense of style than you think. Here we've a fresh collection of beautiful, high-quality and high-resolution wallpapers to give a stylish look to your computer desktop. These high-resolution wallpapers are available in various sizes. We hope this collection will  surely refresh you and force you to download any or all for your desktop right now. Have fun!! Fresh Wallpaper 3D Nature Wallpaper Portofino Genoa Wallpaper European Football Championship 2012 Wallpaper Irina Sh