Mind Blowing Surreal Photo Manipulation

Photoshop is a very useful tool that enables designers and artist to create several mind blowing photo manipulation for their graphic and design related projects. One of the most popular uses of Adobe Photoshop is altering and transforming any picture or photo to get the desired results. Dark and surreal photo manipulation is created by the combination of stock images, usage of brushes as well as addition of depth and correct light and shadow.

Surrealism become a popular digital art now a days, which is very attractive and eye-catching. Many designers used Photoshop for the creation of really interesting surreal and dark images. Today we are going to showcase you some fresh and Mind Blowing examples of dark and surreal photo manipulation art. Feel free to share your feelings with us in the comment section below:

Vampire Queen by Pygar

Surreal Photo Manipulation

Dracula’s Bride Modern Edition by mary-petroff

Photo Manipulation

Noumeno by Blekotakra

Photo Manipulation-1

Egg Island by djajakarta

photo manipulation examples

Fire Within Me by freaky665

photo manipulation examples-2

The Three Sisters by lady-symphonia

photo manipulation examples-3

Chronoscape – thundersnow by alexiuss

photo manipulation examples-4

Porcelain Splinter by conzpiracy

photo manipulation ideas

Last Exit by OmeN2501

photo manipulation ideas-1

Isolation by Wishmistress

photo manipulation ideas-2

Hidden Intentions by freaky665

photo manipulation ideas-3

What shall we die for? by Azdup

photo manipulation ideas-4

When a Part of Me Dies by lady-symphonia

photo manipulation ideas-5

Hecate by mari-na

photo manipulation techniques

E x i l e by aphostol

photo manipulation techniques-1

Corrupt by Taborda08

photo manipulation techniques-2

Confessions by lady-symphonia

photo manipulation techniques-4

If death is the end… by freaky665

photo manipulation techniques-5

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