Amazing Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti

Artist Mario Mariotti creates amazing hand painting illusions that will surprise you at first look. Today we will share some of his stunning hand painting skills depicting his great talent and creativity. Mario created fantastic animals by simply using colors and finger movements, such as elephants, giraffes, dog zebras and also human characters like athletes, musicians and football players.

Hand Painting has become one of the most famous types of art in the recent few years. In honor of this great art and artist, below we have some wonderful collection of hand painted art by famous Italian body painter Mario Mariotti. He was born in Florence in 1936. He experimented with many different forms of art till his death in 1997. His book “Animani” showcased a great variety of hand painted wild animals and birds.

 Just take a look at these fabulous painting work that will surely inspire you!
Amazing Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti
Amazing Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti
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hand painting
hand painting art
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amazing hand painting art images
amazing hand painting art


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