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Awe-Inspiring Drone Photos of World Famous Places

With the advancement of technology in the past few years especially the drone technology has made it easy for us to explore and enjoy some of the world’s most stunning sights even without leaving our own home. Now drones are not only limited to battlefield and other spy tasks, drones are now serving some cool and useful purposes and one of the most unique purposes of drone technology is photography. With the arrival of drones and high-tech cameras in the consumer market its now quite easy for adventurers, photographers and com person to simply attach any HD camera with remote controlled drones and get ready to take some spectacular aerial photographs from around the world. Drone Photography of Famous Places Photographer Amos Chapple better knew the use of this ever-popular technology and he has proved it with his truly amazing photographs of world famous landmarks that he captured entirely from a drone. After purchasing a drone and learning how to use it, Chapple traveled the