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Glass Sculptures Robert Mickelsen

Glass Sculptures by Robert Mickelsen

Creative and talented artist Robert Mickelsen created Beautiful transparent sculptures from glass. Mickelsen is a globally known glass artist acclaimed for creating detailed images that resemble familiar objects, animals and humans. He was born in 1951 in Fort Belvoir , Virginia and raised in Honolulu , Hawaii. His work is exhibited in many prominent collections […]

Bird Nest Restaurant in Thailand

Bird Nest Restaurant in Thailand

This is a unique restaurant located at the Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand. It offers unforgettable tree-top dining experience. Mouth-watering and delicious food is delivered by the waiter via zip line. Take a look!              

Fantasy Digital Paintings

Fantasy Digital Paintings 15 Inspirational Images

Fantasy digital painting is a type of art that gives you the freedom to your creative imagination. It is the artwork of beautiful illusion paintings of dragons, fairies, angels and demons. This art may differ from other forms of digital art that present the work of those brilliant artists whose virtual brushes capture life as […]

Unusual and Unique Shapes for Mobile Phones

Unusual and Unique Shapes for Mobile Phones

In this post we going to share with you some unusual and unique shape of mobile phones that will surely inspire you. In today‚Äôs world it is impossible to think a person without a mobile phone. Mobile phone industry has become the most rapidly growing business worldwide. Significant improvements have been made so far in […]

Gadgets That You Would Like To Own

Gadgets and electronics are two words that fit very well together. We’ve compiled a list of some innovative gadgets. These gadgets are so cool that they will make you drool in desire. Some of these gadgets are prototypes or simply concepts, but in the future you’ll see them in the real. Of course, there are […]